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Top five cryptocurrencies to buy or invest before the end of 2019

Top five cryptocurrencies to buy or invest before the end of 2019

The crypto market is shaping really nicely, and it is anticipated that by the end of 2019 it will hit with maximum gains of the year. Though the cryptocurrency market is still volatile and we cannot be sure about what actually will happen, but the trends are favoring for a bull run before the beginning of next year.

Those who are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies in Q3 here is a list of five top digital assets to go after which could be a wholesome investment.

Litecoin (LTC)

Since the beginning of 2019, Litecoin has made a massively climbed. Litecoin began the year at $31 price mark and touched the highest of the year at $137.40 by the end of June. LTC has made a huge impact so far.

In a recent tweet by the co-founder of Litecoin Foundation, Xinxi Wang 'mentioned that LTC has been declared as a payment token by the United Nations Department of IMF'. Admittedly, this is an excellent advancement for Litecoin, and it will boost up its worth in the crypto market.

Moreover, the halving of Litecoin that took place on 5th Aug, it was expected that the privacy coin would make hefty returns to the investors; it didn’t make such an impact. But due to this event occurring LTC has dropped afterward as it seems that the short-term investors anyhow have taken out their investment with a little margin of profit. Despite all this, Litecoin has firmly moved in the upward direction all this year with slight ups and downs. So, this is one of the top cryptos to look for.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Still, the master of all, Bitcoin as always leads the market with sweeping dominance of 69.3%. This would be no such investor who understands the game of trading and haven’t made an investment in BTC. The tough time seems to have taken off, which caused a damaging effect on the entire market since last year.

This year comparatively has been the year of recovery, and Bitcoin recent showing of reaching $12K has once again whooped that it could potentially reach all-time highs by the end of 2019. In that case, it can be a serious investment.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin may seem a bit surprising in this list, but making its way to 6th place in the market has left no doubt in the potential of BNB. For most of the altcoins, this year was a period of recovery so far, but for Binance Coin it has turned to be a super year. The native coin of Binance exchange hit the highest price mark of $39.30 on 22nd June.

Binance Coin was one of few cryptos which kept on rising when the market was bearish. This has seriously attracted investors in huge numbers. The developments made by Binance exchange indirectly boosts up BNB changes to go further up. As it is expected that the market will have a bull run swing, BNB can break its previous highest price mark. So, looking for low-cost crypto which anticipates a promising future, BNB is the asset to go for.


Another crypto which should amuse investors is EOS based on its basic analysis. As we go through from a technological viewpoint, EOS is ahead of some top digital assets such as BTC and ETH. It is much faster (million transactions per second), reliable, scalable, costs zero-fee, and also allows developers to build DApps.

Despite having not much good time, recently as compared to other altcoins, EOS still pushes to break the resistance levels and once again cross $10 mark in coming days. At the time of press, it trades at $3.93, which gives investors a good chance to jump in and buy EOS at a low price, which can make them gain high returns.

Tron (TRX)

With the rumors of Justin Sun involved in some corruption cases, Tron has faced a rough time, latterly. Though Tron is one of those crypto projects with a lot of capability and capacity. In such less time, Tron has made a serious impact on crypto users and aims to focus on further developments.

In specific, Tron has a far-reaching influence on the gaming industry. The critical aspect to look forward is that Tron plays a vital role in the development of transparent gambling products and wants to add blockchain impact in the gambling industry. This will attract a broad audience in long-term progress.

One advantage in investing in Tron is that it will not have a massive loss in case the market crashes, but if it rallies a bull run, it will be a fruitful investment for TRX investors.

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