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R. Kelly’s Brother Carey Kelly Reveals It Was "Their Sister" Who Sexually Molested Them During Childhood!!

R. Kelly’s Brother Carey Kelly Reveals It Was

During Surviving R. Kelly, Carey, brother to R kelly talks about suffering years of abuse. R. Kelly, his brother, also spoke of being abused by a family member during an interview with Tavis Smiley. However, R. Kelly vowed not to name any names.

Recently Carey told the host of Unwine with Tasha K he was allegedly molested by his sister, Theresa, when he was 6 years old. His sister was 15 years old.

Carey says Theresa babysat him while his mom worked and went to school. He says Theresa would punish him for doing things she felt was wrong. “If we didn’t listen to her or if we didn’t do what she said, it would be some type of reason why we couldn’t go out and play with the other kids, to keep us in the house. She never kept me and Robert in the house at the same time,” said Carey.

When Tasha K asks Carey if he ever told his mom about the abuse, he says he tried, but his way of telling her wasn’t effective.

I tried to find a way to tell my mom in a way where she wouldn’t be looking at me like I had done something wrong. I said, ‘Do you have to go to work? Do you have to go to school? Can you stay home today?’ She was like, ‘What’s wrong, baby?’ And I was like ‘I miss you.’ It was a call out for help, but in my way, it was like sending a bat signal, hoping that she would get it without me really saying it… I never found the strength to tell [my mother] what was happening to me. I regret that now.

Carey says the abuse went on for about six years, which would have made him 12 when the abuse stopped.

Carey says he is no longer in contact with his sister. “I haven’t talked to Theresa since my mom died in 1993,” he told Tasha K. Carey says the last time he spoke with his sister was in 1993 after his son was shot.

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